Erschienen: „Stormy Heavens“

„Stormy Heavens“, Band 8 der Alternativwelt-Reihe „The Emperors’s Men“ von Dirk van den Boom, ist erschienen, als eBook und als Paperback. Das Titelbild stammt von Timo Kümmel.

Stormy times are coming. The messengers of the gods establish their rule over Mutal, the metropolis of the Maya, and continue their campaign against the neighboring cities. Fear and a spirit of resistance have awakened and plant a new idea of cooperation in the heads of the Mayan kings who do not want to surrender without a fight. But even within the group of stranded people, the captain’s course is being questioned more and more. When a Roman expedition finally lands from distant Europe and an ambassador from Teotihuacán is interested in the developments, the centuries-old balance of power in Central America threatens to collapse.

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